Wedding #1

Yesterday was the first wedding of the year for us. My Mother in law found herself a sweet Texan. I'm starting to think single women should move to Texas, because my mom's husband is from Texas too, and he's really sweet as well. Is Texas just full of a bunch of sweet guys?

Anyway, Yesterday was the much anticipated wedding! everything went well, the wedding was a beautiful mostly home made wedding. She made her dress and it was just like something you'd spend a TON of money on if you bought it from a store. She was a beautiful bride. The wedding had a bit of a western theme to it, being as he's from Texas. :) He was dressed with cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, he looked very handsome!

The deserts looked so yummy, they ordered some stuff from a local restaurant. Coconut Cream pie, Chocolate cream pie, banana pudding, peach cobbler and bread pudding. and of course the cake. There was so much junk food I think some of the kids are going to need a colon cleanse today! Being on my lovely non dairy, non wheat diet I didn't eat any of them, I just ate some apples and bananas. I did taste the cake while I was making it though, I had to make sure it was good!! (And boy was it!) It was the first wedding cake I've made, and luckily the western theme made it a little easier on me than a normal wedding. It gave me the freedom to keep things a little rustic and avoid having to make it all fancy and pretty! I used tootsie rolls instead of fondant icing, and from what I was told it tasted great on the cake. (I was wondering how it would taste with cake and icing...) Anyway, here's a picture of it...