Camping in a hurricane.

We are headed to the Myrtle Beach area to go camping. Yes, in the middle of a hurricane. My mom is worried, but everything I've read said that area of SC isn't going to be affected by more than some rain and high waves. We tent camp, but my sister is also going along, and they have a pop up, so if it rains the whole weekend we'll be hanging out in their camper! Bring on the games!! (and if the wind is too bad maybe some strong door hardware, to make sure the camper door stays closed?)

Right now I am waiting on the dryer to finish, so we can put the last few items in our bag and stick it in the car then go to bed! Then in the morning we'll try to load up the bike rack to bring Lexi's bike and hit the roads hopefully before 8. We'll see how long the 5 hour trip will take with two little ones.

I hope there is at least a little bit of clear skies this weekend, I'd love to sit on the beach!