Beach Treasures

I can't help but want to go dig in the parks and the sand when I see metal detectors. I'm thinking bounty hunter metal detectors would be a good present. :)  They have some commercials on tv advertising them and they do make me want to try them. I'd be excited to walk up and down the beach, or through the field at the park and find some random stuff. I'd like it even if it wasn't valuable, because I just like finding stuff!  I don't really know if you do as well as they make it seem on tv or you hear in stories but who wouldn't have fun with the suspense of wondering what is setting the detector off?

Answered prayers

I am always amazed when God provides money to pay bills and things we need, but I get even more blown away when He provides exact needs. I have lost 40lbs since the week before Easter, in doing so I've dropped 4 pants sizes.  We don't have a ton of money for me to get new clothes, I've bought a pair of jeans and a few items from goodwill- far from designer t shirts, but at least they fit! The jeans I have are "fashionable" and holey, so it's very obvious when I wear them often (which I do, since they are the closest jeans I have to fitting).

While running with my friend Saturday morning I mentioned something about the way pants fit and how I needed more. She just happened to have a few pairs of jeans that she didn't wear! So God answered my prayer with my exact need- jeans! not just money to buy them.  Then that night I was with a different friend talking about furniture and how we were going to start saving money for a new mattress. Guess what she just happened to have sitting in her basement!? yup, a fairly new mattress set. brought it home that night, and it's Very nice!

I know I shouldn't be surprised that God cares about even our littlest needs, but it did blow me away to have a friend hand me some very new looking jeans and a mattress!