Following your dreams

When I first met my best friend, Beth, in college I had a dream that we lived next to each other and we were ice skating on our driveways.  Since our freshmen year of college we haven't been together, aside from a visit or two. It's quite sad to me, but we've managed to stay connected with skype, IM, facebook, texting, emails, blogs... you know all the ways technology makes life easier.  We skype with each other almost daily, it's just like stopping by and saying hi.

At some point over the summer/fall her and her family will be moving even further away. To California to be exact. I don't think you can get further away. It makes me sad, even though I know we don't really see each other all that often with her in Indiana. It kinda makes me want to become a doctor and follow her. Just so we can have houses next to each other like in my dream (i don't think ice skating in our driveways in California would be possible though). I say I would be come a doctor because we probably can't afford CA unless we're doing something high paying. and I'd have to get some amazing insurance because it's probably full of people wanting to sue doctors.  ok, maybe not. But I'd love to be able to be closer to her!  I guess until we can go visit we'll just keep skyping and texting and pretending we live next to each other.