Cool song.

Hey, I keep hearing this song on which I listen to all day at work. Anyway, I love this song and I thought I might share the lyrics with you, because they are what sticks to me the most.... Whoever says they don't listen to the words just the music when they hear a song are full of crap. No matter what you always hear the words, that's why when a stupid song comes on that you hate, you know all the words. That's just my little splur on why I think Christians should only listen to Christian music. I had to hear country music all day at work before I got speakers on my computer, and now, despite me trying to block out the words I know the words to all those nasty country music songs like "tequila makes her clothes fall off",

"Save a horse, Ride a cowboy," and that song "I'm not as good as I once was but I'm as good once as I ever was...." I'm sorry but no matter how hard you dont want to hear the words, you do and that is what gets stuck in your head!!!! that's what you meditate on all day! is that pure, lovely, noble, honorable etc??? I don't think so. Anyway, here are the lyrics to "Faith Like That" By Jonah 33

I have read about the days of old
About the men who followed You
And how they saw the supernatural
And became the chosen few

So I come before You now
Tearing off my earthly crowns
For this one thing I have found

I want a faith like that
To see the dead rise or to see You pass by
I want a faith like that
Whatever the cost, I'll suffer the loss
I want a faith like that

I'm not looking for a miracle
Signs and Wonders or things thereof
I caught a glimpse of what You want for me
And what I have is not enough
I read the story one more time
Of those who gave to You their lives
With no fear or compromise

I want a faith that can move any mountain
And send them to the seas
I want a faith that can break every stronghold
That keeps You, that keeps You from me


StacyC1981 said...

I agree. And I heard THE FUNNIEST song on the radio the other night! You have got to listen to it! I will get you the link.