I titled this Hmmm cuz I really don't know why I am posting. I have no news, but I figured it has been a while since I posted so I thought I should post. That and I am bored and don't feel like doing anymore work today! Our new apartment is starting to look like an apartment, it's exciting. Once all the empty boxes get taken away (which won't be until the garbage truck comes on Friday) then the house will look good. We have stuff on the walls, and boxes unpacked. really we don't have much left to do! Just little things that need to be hung up or put on a shelf. And the floor needs to be vacuumed really bad, but our vacuum broke and we are waiting to see how much the part is going to cost we might buy a new vacuum. That will be exciting we've never bought a vacuum before. We've never owned a new vacuum either. The one we have now is one my mom left with us when she got married and moved to Texas. We never had one before that either. Who cares about my vacuum?!! I'm so dumb.
I know you are all waiting for pictures, but I need to burn them onto a CD so I can bring them to work and put them on here. Maybe I'll do that tonight if I have time. But knowing me I'll get distracted with things that need to be put away and do that instead. It's kinda hard for me to sit still and relax. I think I have adult ADHD. I noticed when I was unpacking, I would open a box, start putting things away and then see something that needed to go in a different room so I'd bring it in there then start putting things away in that room, until I saw something that needed to go in another room- you see my drift. My husband was getting mad at me cuz I couldn't just get one room done, I had to work on all six at the same time. I do that at work too, If i've been doing the same thing for too long (like today) I have to find something else to do.
Anyway, I have to get busy! talk at you later!


StacyC1981 said...

I have sad news: I am the owner of what was a brand new vacuum. And sadly, it is not as exciting as one might think. But getting settled into your apartment is exciting! Where are the pictures???