Dr appointments, drive in's and car seats

Well, Thursday morning I had a DR appointment. It went well, i was told my weight is great (woo hoo! last time she told be to be careful cuz I was gaining too fast...). I was also told I drink too much water and I need to eat more salt- i've never heard a dr say that in my entire life. Come to find out people can actually get addicted to water... she said I need to just eat more salt for now and when I get done breast feeding then I need to not drink so much. I drank 78 ounces of water that morning before my appointment (my appointment was at 11:30am and I woke up at 6:15...) Anyway, I was also told i'm measuring 3cm bigger than I should be so in two weeks when I go back we get to have an ultra sound!!! The dr wants to see just how big Lexi is because at this point the dr is thinking they will have to induce me a couple weeks early. I'm still debating how I feel about being induced. I do not mind her coming early but I don't want to deal with the side effects of inducement. We've been going to child birth classes which I'm very excited about, I thought I knew a lot about giving birth and stuff, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to take them but i figured- what the heck, they're free why not? It's not like I'm going to get stupider by going right?!
Last night Eugene and I went on a date, even though there is still7 weeks before Lexi's due date, we figured we might as well just get it in just in case... Anyway, we went to a drive in! I'd never been to one. It was kinda fun and kinda frustrating at the same time. we got there at 7:45 and the movie didn't even start until 9. we spent about 45 minutes before the movie started getting the car comfortable (we have a hatch back), then right before the movie started I was looking at the sky and said "this reminds me of that part of Twister when the tornado rips through the drive in...." about three minutes into the movie the wind starts picking up real bad, the sky is a nasty color and it started raining and flashes of lightning filled the sky.... We could hear tree branches falling all around the place and the power kept flickering which was getting quite annoying because we were trying to watch Superman. Turns out you can miss the begining of superman and not lose any important information. Anyway, we ended up turning the car around and watching the movie through the windshield wipers. Well, being 33 weeks pregnant and sitting in a car for two hours is not the most comfrotable thing. I was quite miserable. Anyway, Superman wasn't all that good, but they play two movies so we got to see Click too. Click would have been a lot better without the usual perverted Adam Sandler usual comments and Scenes. It stopped raining so we got to open the windows to the car and it made it a little more enjoyable. But I still don't recommend sitting in a car from 9pm until 2:15am when you're pregnant. it's not that fun. I kinda felt like she was just going to come out from all the pressure she was putting on me!
We also got to get Lexi's stroller and car seat out of layaway yesterday! that was fun, it's exciting to have something big for her. We haven't quite figured out the car seat straps and head support thingy, but hopefully someone we know can help us with that. things are just too complicated. we also bought a shelf and two cute hooks (one's a butterfly and one's a flower) for her room! My mom has been working hard on her bedding and she showed me pictures it's looking VERY nice. I'm excited. :) Lexi's room might actually be ready for her when she comes out!
Next weekend is going to be VERY fun, and I'm so excited. My sister in law and niece are going to be staying with me from Friday until Sunday(our husband's are going to Promise Keepers). Then Sunday Beth, Josh and Olivia will be coming to visit!!! YAY! I haven't seen Beth since her wedding... cuz I'm a bad friend. But I'm thrilled! Livi is going to be sleeping in Lexi's crib so we lowered it for her and I'm washing the sheet. How exciting! I'm even going to call in sick on friday... YAY Company!!!
well, I guess that's all the excitement for now. I'll keep ya posted on the baby thing.


StacyC1981 said... THAT is a lot of water! I love the drive-in, but I've never tried it pregnant...