um.. i slacked off again

i disappeared for awhile, sorry. The holidays were good. Christmas we went over to Jim and Kathy's house and hung out. we ate a big breakfast, then nibbled on junk food all day. For New Years we did what we've been doing for 3 years now. We went up to PA to visit Eugene's friend Cory and his family. it was fun, we got to visit a lot of Eugene's old friends from up there, and a couple of his cousins (both of which are named Ashley). Lexi is 5 months old now and she still doesn't roll over. She is getting VERY close though, and she has had a breakthrough with holding herself up on her arms. Today she almost completely rolled over, but her arms got in the way.
We looked at these very nice new duplexes/townhouses today, but they are $750 a month... we only pay $405 right now, and for $750 a month we could be making house payments to OWN a house, so yah... even though they are beautiful and nice and new and pretty and have huge walk in closets in all 3 bedrooms plus a huge walk in closet under the stairs... and we couldn't afford them anyway.... we're gonna stay here a while longer i guess.
Today was Lexi's first day in cloth diapers. We have put her in them before, but never for a whole day. but today she only had 2 disposable diapers on, one when we were at church and one first thing this AM when i knew she was gonna go back to sleep for a while.
my back of hip or something is out of wack and my hip, knee and ankle are killing me.
Now I am going to see what my husband and baby are doing!


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Yay cloth diapers! :-P I bought a different detergent when I got home, and washed all her dirty diapers in it... and her rash was going away! Then yesterday, I put her in a diaper that hadn't been washed in the new detergent... and it came back! (Of course, I didn't remember this was a tainted diaper til I was racking my brains for a cause for the rash to come back). Loke you... getting pulled away!