blogging is for overachievers

That's how i feel anyway. Maybe it's just because i feel guilty that i haven't blogged in forever. Eugene's family was here from Monday till Saturday. That was a lot of fun. We had five adults, one six year old and Lexi in our little two bedroom apartment. Nothing beats family. We pretty much sat here and did nothing the whole week too, Thursday afternoon Eugene took time off of work and we all went to the Ocoee river. We drove all the way out there, grilled some hamburgers and hotdogs and then it starting pouring down rain so we didn't even get to walk around. we packed up and left because we were cold and wet and about 2 miles down the road the sun was shining and the ground was dry! So we went and got ice cream. he he.
Oh, Eugene and i went out twice without Lexi! one time with his sister and brother in law. We went to IHOP and drank lots of coffee then went to walmart. The second time we took his niece out to go see Meet The Robinsons. don't waste your money watching that movie. it was dumb. the only funny parts they show in the preview the rest is all sad and serious.
Thursday we leave for Texas, we have to be at the airport around 5:30am. that will be ewwy. i'm praying that flying doesn't bother Lexi's ears and that they don't lose our luggage. but we'll be there until Monday so it will be a nice vacation for us. not to mention the fact that i'll get to see all my nieces! (I have three new nieces i've never seen!)
I'm babysitting today-wednesday, both girls were sleeping but Lexi just woke up so i'll post some pictures then leave.


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

As for lexi's ears - just nurse her! I nursed Olivia the whole way out to Utah - just to keep her quiet and busy, but it also helps with ears.