Wonderful Husbands Unite!

I had to post about my wonderful husband. This morning he came in to kiss me goodbye. I was still laying in bed with Lexi, and he was leaving for work. Something that i always feel bad about. Anyway, he stood by the side of the bed and was telling me bye and look down at my pile of clothes on the floor from the day before(something I never do) he said "i hope none of those are dirty cuz i just did all the laundry". I was so overwhelmed by the fact that he was wonderful enough to do not one but TWO loads of laundry this morning before i even got out of bed that i missed the irony of the situation. See, the pile of clothes next to my side of the bed was all my clothes, i NEVER leave my clothes on the floor, i always either throw them in the hamper if they're dirty or my jeans i fold and put away. However, he used to constantly take off his clothes and leave them in piles around the room, i would pick them up, but for some reason i never seemed to notice the piles on the floor by his side of the bed until after laundry was done then i would say... yup you guessed it "i hope none of those are dirty cuz i just did all the laundry." HE HE HE. Anyway, not only did he do the laundry he put away all the clean dishes for me too! What a wonderful husband.
The reason for the title "Wonderful Husband's Unite" is because Josh (Beth's husband) was wonderful the other day too. She's been sick so I'm sure that's why she hasn't posted about how wonderful he was to her the other day... I'll let her tell you what he did. Here's her blog so you can check it. I'm just proud of wonderful husbands. There needs to be more wonderful husbands in the world. If your husband is wonderful- tell me about it. :)


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Ooooh, I need to do that! I'm still not eating right, but I feel pretty normal, so there are no excuses! Make sure you make me do that tomorrow. Then I'll tag someone else. We need to get all the wives out there to realize they have wonderful husbands, too!