Mother of the year award goes to ME.

I just wanted to let the blogging world know what a great mother I am. Some of you know I watch my friend's baby on Thursday's and Fridays, her name is Emma and she's one. Since she is a few months older than Lexi she is also further along developmentally. She is passed the crawling stage, and standing stage, she now walks and runs. Well Lexi... all she does is sit's up. So today they were both sitting on my lap we were watching Blue's Clues. I was very distracted. Well one of the babies stood up so I let go figuring Emma wanted to walk away to get a toy or something. Well that baby quickly did a face plant right into the floor. I looked and notice it was LEXI!!! OOPS! She's never stood up like that before by herself without my help, so i just assumed it was Emma! What a great mother I am... On the plus side I guess Lexi is starting to pull up to standing by herself!! She just doesn't have the balance down yet