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Nothing is going on here. That is the reason for the long spaces between posts. I have nothing to say. But I'm in a talking (typing) mood right now and Beth is not on IM, so that leaves you- the unknown blog readers.
I've been emotional lately, crying at every little sentimental thing- must be the pregnancy. I am pretty excited cuz I saved money at CVS. I bought Huggies Grins and Giggles bath wash for Lexi and Degree deodorant for me and only spent $3.36 after tax. pretty cool huh?
I took Lexi to the Doctor today because Emma came down with strep throat and since Emma was chewing on Lexi's binky on Friday I thought for sure she'd get it, but she's fine. YAY GOD!
Our Woman's Bible study is over for the summer, i'm relieved and sad at the same time. That just leaves one more day of me doing nothing, but i was kinda getting sick of doing that Bible study. Not that it wasn't good, I was just ready for it to be over.
So Beth made a budget for us, it's pretty funny when you look at all our bills and out going money and realize there's not much for food and house hold things. And there's none for getting the car fixed or dr bills or any of that stuff. That's not Beth's fault though, it's the fact that we just don't have enough money for it to make sense on paper. God always provides though, somehow. I think I'd rather not know how He does it. It keeps things exciting. Our utility bill is only $98.13 this month, how cool is that? it's normally like $145. about 4 months ago it was up to around $170.
In two weeks we will be going to VA to pick up Eugene's nephew Cody. He is 16. He's gonna stay with us for a month, I think he has a job which will be good that will give him a chance to save some money, and get out of the house. He's the oldest of five so it will probably be weird for him to be without other people in his business for that long.
Mother's day was so much fun. I haven't relaxed that much in forever. After church Jim and Kathy took us to Logan's for lunch- YUMMY. then we went to there house and crashed on their back deck. I sat on their deck from about 1:30 until 11pm. Well, actually around 9 I moved from the deck to the yard where the fire was. (I brought my comfortable lawn chair though). It was very fun. Since we have no money i didn't get any physical presents, but Eugene did the dishes for me and that was way better. There were a lot of dirty dishes sitting on the counter.
So yah. This is the summary of my nothingness. hope you enjoyed it.


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Yay, low utility bill! Now you can get food. Lovely feeling, isn't it? I've become addicted to watching the budget and marveling how God gives us the money to get by.