I have to admit. I am a geek. Lowes is my favorite store EVER! Right now it's a safe store for us to go in, because I can look and look and look, but leave with nothing. Once we have a house I'm sure that will change. Well, once we have a house and money.

I love to look at all the appliances, there's this one LG washer and dryer I'd love to own. Oh, and the Kohler sinks. That place is amazing to me. Have you looked down the storage and organization isles?! All those Closet organizers amaze me.

Even all the wood and paint and plumbing stuff keep me entertained. I just LOVE Lowes!


Joanna said...

I've learned, with owning a house, that it's really easy to spend way too much money at Lowes. I think we were there at least twice a week for the past month. Way more often than I'd like.

On the upside, I got a free houseplant there on Friday.