Wedding preparations.

My cousin in getting married on February 29th. How cool is that? I wonder how many other people are getting married on that day. I'm not sure if it's a good idea or a bad idea, I mean she only gets an anniversary once every four years. I bet it will be hard for her husband to forget though!

Right now she is busy with all the wedding preparations, the location, wedding attire, wedding flowers, getting the rings sized, all that fun stuff. I'm sure her fiance is busy preparing for the honeymoon too.

I remember how easy it was to plan my wedding. We decided to just do a very small wedding. our mothers were present as well as the preacher and someone to take pictures. Doesn't get much smaller than that. Although we had a small wedding, I still wanted some of the glitz and glamor of big weddings. I had a bouquet, we had union candles, and of course a simple dress. It wasn't the cheapest wedding ever, but it didn't break $250.

At times I wish I had a big wedding, but then I think about all the money we saved and I change my mind. :) Why not keep things simple to save money? It's not like our marriage is any less of a marriage because a ton of people didn't get to see it!



ashley said...

I always wanted to get married on February 29th - I always thought that would have been SUCH a cool anniversary date. I would have done it too, except it meant waiting 2 more years and I wasn't willing to do that. :-) Oh well, I picked July 29th instead!