Vacation, vacation...come fast!

17 days until we leave for our much needed vacation. We've had it planned since last year and I am getting so, soooo excited. Saturday my cousin is getting married, Lexi is the flower girl, Sunday I am taking my husband to the Guggenheim museum. (Did I mention my mom and sisters are going to watch the girls, so we'll be alone? on a date!!!) Then we head to the campground about 45 minutes away from Hershey, PA , where my family will be waiting. Then it's a whole week of relaxing. well and going to Hershey park, Lancaster and who knows where else. I am hoping we spend a lot of time just relaxing around the campground.

The only thing I am not looking forward to is the 12-13 hour trip up there. Luckily we have a portable DVD player from our last crazy trip up to Maine. The kids aren't quite ready for PS3 Players or gamboys or anything, but hopefully we'll keep them entertained somehow. Caylee is still rear facing, and our dvd players only has one screen so I hope that doesn't make her mad. Maybe we will turn Lexi around too.

Either way. 17 days and counting. I can't wait!


Eugene has been unemployed for 7 months now. It has been a long 7 months. We've been surviving by on unemployment, but in a few short weeks that will end. He has search and searched for jobs, there is nothing out there in his field. He's even applied and looked for jobs in other areas that he enjoys, too much longer and he's going to have to go work at Wendy's or something.

We're pretty much open to jobs anywhere, we wont jump up and look for Wilmington NC real estate or move anywhere with out a lot of prayer first, but if God says go, we'll go. There are a couple places I'd love for him to tell us to go to... like maybe TN. We miss it there. Not that we're not happy here, we like it here too.

Stress has been building up in our house, we know God has provided for us this far, and He always holds us, but it's hard to keep reminding yourself that as you see bills coming in. There is also the added stress of losing the baby. It is amazing the peace I feel about it, even through the pain. I can truly feel God holding me, giving me his peace and comfort. I've never felt anything like this before.

So thanks for all your prayers through all this, they are felt!

I love Family time!

You would think since Eugene has been out of work since November, almost non stop that I'd be sick of family time. (there was a point when I was ready for him to go back to work... then he got some contract work and actually left and I missed him!) The weird thing is that even with him being here almost every day all day, to me Saturdays and Sundays still seem like big family days. I just want to get outside and enjoy each other's company. So Today, we did just that. Until the heat got to us, then we came home.

We went to the town we used to live in (about a 20 minute drive) to hang out at one of our favorite parks. We had a picnic, then played on the playground. I think the heat beat even the best fat burners. It was so hot out there that after just 10-15 minutes playing on the playground we had to leave. We were all sweating and nasty!!

So we came back home, but we still just hung out a bit playing and building towers. Now it's just the girls and I, I hope to enjoy the evening with them too. Hopefully the lack of nap wont affect their attitudes too much. :)

What about you? Do you have a certain day that seems to just HAVE to be family time? Do you have a family night during the week?

I've had enough!

of the TV that is. it seems like it is ALWAYS on in my house. from 6:30am-6pm it's Lexi's shows, then from 6-bedtime it's whatever Eugene or I feel like watching. The sad thing is there's really nothing on! Most of the time it is on for Lexi it is just background noise, but I have to admit, she gets more TV than she should. (mostly because I spent too much time on the computer.)

So during the day we watch Curious George, Sid the Science Kid, Word World, and Veggie Tales. The evening is silly shows like wipeout and Family Feud (of course filled with commercials for a cell phones or a diet pill but that's a blog for another time).

My whole point is something has got to change. I already know it HAS to start with me. Because until I get off my lazy butt and spend more time with Lexi working on things, she's going to want the tv on. I've even toyed with the thought of shutting off internet completely until I have myself under control, but I don't think I could do that. I need a lock on my internet so I can only get on at certain times, like nap time and after the kids are in bed. I use the computer as my social life. Talking to my good friend on AIM, or catching up with people on facebook, even reading blogs. It's sad that our generation has forgotten about things like letters, phones, and even real live visits. (most of my friends and family lives too far away to visit though, which is why the internet is so good [and bad] for me.)

So there you have it. My current thoughts. Which are actually my thoughts quite often. So why haven't I changed yet?!

Wedding #1

Yesterday was the first wedding of the year for us. My Mother in law found herself a sweet Texan. I'm starting to think single women should move to Texas, because my mom's husband is from Texas too, and he's really sweet as well. Is Texas just full of a bunch of sweet guys?

Anyway, Yesterday was the much anticipated wedding! everything went well, the wedding was a beautiful mostly home made wedding. She made her dress and it was just like something you'd spend a TON of money on if you bought it from a store. She was a beautiful bride. The wedding had a bit of a western theme to it, being as he's from Texas. :) He was dressed with cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, he looked very handsome!

The deserts looked so yummy, they ordered some stuff from a local restaurant. Coconut Cream pie, Chocolate cream pie, banana pudding, peach cobbler and bread pudding. and of course the cake. There was so much junk food I think some of the kids are going to need a colon cleanse today! Being on my lovely non dairy, non wheat diet I didn't eat any of them, I just ate some apples and bananas. I did taste the cake while I was making it though, I had to make sure it was good!! (And boy was it!) It was the first wedding cake I've made, and luckily the western theme made it a little easier on me than a normal wedding. It gave me the freedom to keep things a little rustic and avoid having to make it all fancy and pretty! I used tootsie rolls instead of fondant icing, and from what I was told it tasted great on the cake. (I was wondering how it would taste with cake and icing...) Anyway, here's a picture of it...