My first spin class

Tonight I took my first spin or cycling class. it was an hour long. I have to start by saying I've never been on a bike like that before, and yesterday I worked out for two hours so my muscles were a little sore.

All I can say is OUCH. I barely made it through the whole hour. after about 5 minutes I wanted to walk out, of course I didn't. However I didn't do too much standing or "jumping". I sat a lot and just pedaled faster and put more resistance when the instructor told me too.

My husband took the class with me and he did better than me, put me to shame. I think he didn't do as much as he could just to make me feel not as bad. Love my husband I do!!!! At first I really didn't want to think about even taking another one, now I'm kinda debating, not sure... I didn't get hurt except my muscles so no Tennessee injury lawyers will have to be called. not yet anyway. :) I am just VERY glad that Jillian wasn't my instructor! My instructor was very understanding and remembered her first spin class. he he.

So will I go again? I do not know.