It feels great to be home!

I really enjoyed my vacation, we had a blast. We did a lot more than I expected and came home completely exhausted. I need a vacation from my vacation. I have dirty laundry to wash, the house to CLEAN, a yard sale to get ready for and a birthday party to plan.

As I said though, vacation was great. I was a little nervous though because both of my sisters had car troubles while we were there, I was afraid we'd end up broken down on the way home. One of my sister's cars broke down while we were in Gettysburg, they got it to a mechanic but had to rent a car and wait until the following day before they could get their car back. My other sister's suburban got hit while we were in Ephrata at an AMAZING flea market (The Green Dragon). The people who hit it didn't even leave a note or anything! that same sister was towing their pop up and about 10 miles down the road from the campground the pop up came off the hitch and went down the hill and crashed into the ditch. Luckily they have the blue advantage and not much damage was done!

Lexi was a beautiful flower girl, although she was quite a pain, I ended up having to leave the room with her because she was being too loud. She was VERY disobedient the whole time we were gone which made us evaluate our parenting skills. We've decided some things have to change with us to help her be better. Caylee had a lot of rough nights, I don't know if it was the air mattress or what, but I didn't get much sleep. Hopefully we can get some things done around here and change some things around so we can actually sleep and have peaceful days!