I think I've mentioned before that the lady who lived in this apartment before us left her cat. At first I felt really bad for it (I still do sometimes) but then I just started getting really irritated with it.

It constantly tries to get in our apartment, it scratches up our bench that sits outside, it begs for food. If we go outside it tries to rub against us and get us to pet it which I guess wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't nasty and covered in fleas. It needs a good bath and a bunch of Frontline or something. We have thought about calling animal control, but I think that the neighbor is feeding it now and I'd hate to take it away if it's become a 'pet' to her. When we first moved in I tried to get rid of it on craigslist, it got flagged and removed. I tried to freecycle it and got the same rejection.

I just don't know what to do because this stupid cat is getting on my nerves.