Just around the corner

is our vacation. YES, I am excited. it is much needed. I've mentioned before the things going on and where we are going. The only bad part is of course the drive up. We like to drive and would some day like to rent or borrow an RV and take a nice road trip, however I think that will wait until our kids are teens or at least old enough to entertain themselves for the most part.

Once we get home we'll start planning Lexi's birthday party, I can't believe she's going to be 3. I guess technically we've already started planning, since we know the date, time and most of the location. We also know who Lexi wants to invite. I'm hoping to get the invitations out before we leave, since we'll be coming home about 5 days before the party! We're not going crazy with her party, just a simple party, simple decorations, and of course a cake made by me. What did my daughter request for her cake? Sid The Science Kid. yes dear, I'll get right on that. he he. It does make for fun games and activities to do with the kids though!