Busy week!

I don't think I've sat down at my computer for more than 15 minutes at a time this week. That's highly unusual for me, I am one who likes to be online all the time. We've been running around getting stuff done before we leave. Tonight we had a board meeting for a ministry we are involved in. It's called The Upper Room. It's a great ministry, we love being a part of it. I love to get more and more involved, but I think I might need to get my computer up to date to be able to handle the involvement! My computer is really slow and doesn't like a bunch of things open at once. I think I might need to order some ddr3 or something, try to speed it up.

We are leaving tomorrow and I have a list of things I still have to do, some are around the house, some are around town, some involve making phone calls. And we have yet to even START packing. Did I mention we leave tomorrow? and we'll have a lot to do pack. Maybe I should be doing something other than writing blogs? :)