Oh where are my keys.. oh where are my keys...

oh where, oh where, oh where, oh... there are my keys.

My keys have been missing for a week or so. I kept looking in the diaper bag for them and thinking "oh, they must be in the car." I finally decided I needed to really find my keys, so yesterday we started searching. I emptied the diaper bag (which needed cleaned out anyway, I found a lot of garbage in there!) but not my keys. Then we searched the car, they weren't there either.

We started getting creative, checking the toy baskets, the washer, under the refrigerator. We asked Lexi (who by the way had a list of places that they 'were') but we didn't find them anywhere. After two days I figured they were gone for good. I called some stores that I often go into without my husband, which means I would have my keys. but they hadn't been turned in anywhere. I even called Target. We had been there recently looking at stuff, including their REALLY marked down patio furniture, but my keys had not been found at target.

Finally today I decided I would glance around one.last.time. Just in case they happened to show up. and I looked in the front pocket of the camera case because I felt something lumpy. and there they were. YAY for keys! The most amusing part of the whole story was when I found them I shouted "I found them!!!" and my husband asked "where were they?" I said "in the camera case" he put his head down and said... "oh yah... I put them there." Gee, thanks hun. :)