Ink Is Contageous

I got my first tattoo when I turned 18. I was home from college on Christmas break and I convinced my boyfriend to drive me from Greene, ME to Augusta, ME to this little tattoo shop in the middle of a snow storm. Yah, I wanted a tattoo that bad. From the time I knew what a tattoo was I wanted a small cross on my ankle. No one in my family approved of tattoos, but I could find nothing in the Bible, aside from an Old Testament verse that talked about tattooing yourself for the dead. and I the reason I wanted a tattoo had nothing to do with the dead. Anyway, my college didn't even allow tattoos, but it was one of those rules that was being ignored by a lot of people, so I justified "breaking" the rule by saying I techincally wasn't "at" college when I got it.

So we drove to Augusta, follwed directions and found this guys house. He had a small shop in his basement. It was VERY neat and clean, and he scheduled my appointment around picking up his daughter from school. made me feel very comfortable. I picked out a cross that I liked, and about 15 minutes later I had my first ink. I immedietly wanted more.

People looked at me crazy when I said I wanted more. and people still look at me crazy when I say it didn't hurt much. there were a few spots that hurt for a second or two, but nothing really painful. A few years later I convinced my husband to go get his first tattoo. We got matching Jesus Fishes on the middle of our backs, between our shoulders. It was corny. Looking back now I've learned a lot about tattoos and would change both of mine if I could. I feel bad that I convinced him to get that, he liked the idea, it's not like I twisted his arm, but man, it's not a "real" tattoo. I don't consider either of mine "real" I want something awesome and designed specifically for me.

Yes, I want more. I just don't know what. When I convinced my husband to get that tattoo I started his addiction too. But he has passed me. He has "real" tattoos. One designed by a tattoo artist in Florida while he was on the tour, and one he designed and got about two years ago. The one he designed is a barcode, with a cross in the middle and the words "Jesus Christ" under it (instead of 'proof of purchase') I love the meaning behind it, people often ask him about it because at first glace it could look a little off. But when he explains to people that it means Jesus Christ bought and paid for his soul through His Blood everything is clear. People often ask us if a barcode scanner will read it, and we've tried it a bunch, but they don't. :)

I wish tattoos weren't such an expensive addiction. :)