Home schooling

We've attempted to do some home school this year with Lexi. She is constantly asking me to do school, she wants to learn about different letters. She knows all her capital letters, most of her lower case. We're working mostly on the sounds letters make. I also need to teach her things like "opposites" and how to trace so she can start learning to write.

I can't wait for future years when we have some space to buy some classroom furniture and really dig into some school work! I hope she keeps her desire to learn as the years go on, and I really hope she loves to read, something neither her father or I like very much.

One thing she will have to get over if we continue to home school is the fact that she really wants to ride a school bus! We've told her over and over that she has to be 5 to ride a bus and now all she says is "when I'm five I'm going to ride a bus!" Maybe we can find a church bus or something for her...