Well, I have given up coffee. which really upsets me. I miss it greatly. this is day #2 without it and my head is screaming. I had to stop with the coffee though because when I drank it my stomach was very mad at me. So although my head and taste buds really enjoyed it, my stomach complained enough to make me stop. I had my husband hide part of the coffee pot to assure I don't give in to my temptations and drink a cup.. or six.

Eugene has contract work right now, in fact he's quite busy. He's working full time for a guy who has an office up the street, and he is also working part time for a woman who he had been working for in the spring. He also has a couple people talking to him about making websites. If nothing else, him being really busy right now allows us to stock up the savings account, which was completely drained. The hard part is figuring out our own taxes. We're not exactly sure what to do there, but the very thought of it is enough to make me get some rv financing and run away for a while.

Ok, so I just think that would be fun anyway. Especially if we can get Caylee sleeping through the night because let me tell you, I'm ready for a good nights sleep. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving when my family comes to visit and Eugene and I can run away for a night, for the sole purpose of SLEEPING. hopefully until noon. oh that would be a dream come true.

Speaking of sleeping, i think I might go get ready for bed... it's barely past 9:30 but the house is quiet and sleep sounds so nice right now!


Beckie said...

If you change brands of coffee and look for the 100% arabica coffee you mght be able to drink it still. Stay far away from the Costa Rican coffee beans. They are seriously acidic. I have the same problem. I have one brand that doesn't bother me as long as I don't over do it. That means no more than 2-3 cups a day. I try to stick with 1-2. Even Dunkin Donuts coffee will bother my stomach. The other thing is you may want to try half caf style coffee's. At least while trying to give it up, so you don't get the caffeine headache.