Fall is in the air!

Fall is my FAVORITE season! (I’m pretty sure I say this about spring too) I love the cooler weather, the changing in the leaves, I LOVE fall decorations (not Halloween decorations, fall ones, pumpkins, cute scarecrows etc). Some day I am going to have a fall decorated house, i promise.
Yesterday while on our way to the mall Lexi had to go to the bathroom. So we stopped at a gas station to take her in. She was admiring the leaves on the ground and talking about fall, and when we came out of the store I noticed the clear, crisp fall air. So I asked her if she smelled the leaves. Without hesitation she bent over, picked up a leaf and sniffed it. :-) I love her literalness.

We've been spending a lot more time outside during the day now that it's not 100 degrees out there. Today I think our total was around 4 hours of outside play. (with a few trips inside to potty, get snacks, change diapers etc.) If the bugs weren't so bad around here I'd be investing in some outdoor wall sconces so we could sit out there at night once the kids go to bed. It's really nice outside then.