Lesson learned :Senor Frogs

One day while on vacation we decided to go to Broadway at the beach to walk around, do a little shopping (mostly window shopping) and eat some lunch. We got there right around lunch time and I was already pretty hungry, so we started looking for food right away. My sister is a vegetarian, so we like to check menus before we just blindly walk into a restaurant, that way we can make sure there are some meat free options for her.

There were two restaurants right by where we walked in, Senor Frogs and another one, both had their menu's out, I was already getting to the point where I needed to eat soon, so I didn't want to shop and walk around looking for a place, I just wanted to eat. We decided Senor Frogs looked the best and went in. (The menu's outside were just food choices, not prices and none of us had ever eaten there.)

We were seated quickly, and started picking out food and drinks, we ordered our drinks and then looked at prices, it was a bit more than we expected, but we picked what we wanted from the cheaper things and went to order.

Remember how I said my sister is a vegetarian? Well she ordered vegetable fajitas, and the waitress said they didn't have them anymore. That was the only meat free meal on the menu. Then she tried to come up with some way to make vegetarian fajitas and was talking about carrots and broccoli. Has this girl never had fajitas?! So I decided to chime in... "Can't you just use the peppers and onions you would normally put on the chicken fajitas, and just leave out the meat?" "oh, I guess we could do that, but I would have to charge you for the chicken fajitas." um.. ok, clearly this restaurant has issues, and their first is that they hire dumb waitresses. Seriously? If you have a vegetarian fajita on the menu, why can you not charge that price?!

Then I go to order a cheese burger and ask if they can put guacamole on it. She tells me it will cost $3 more. WHAT?! for a spoon full of guacamole it will cost $3?! um.. no thanks.

Anyway, they managed to make a meat free fajita, much to my surprise. we ate, were decently satisfied with our food (it wasn't the best that's for sure, but it was edible.) Then we got the bill. $100. I couldn't believe that the meal cost $100, the girls split a children's meal. My brother in law ordered an appetizer as a meal. There's no way our food should have been that much (there were no mistakes on the bill though, we looked, this restaurant is just completely over priced, especially for their brainless waitresses who must be getting really good term life insurance through their employer for as much as their food costs.