a mini getaway

My husband and I celebrate our anniversary and both of our birthdays in November. This year, with Josiah due in the beginning of December, and knowing our history of preterm babies we decided we want to celebrate in October. We've decided on a joint celebration, just a little weekend getaway.

A Friday and Saturday night, free of kids, free of cooking, free of cleaning. Days have been pretty busy here, with me watching  my niece and nephew on top of our girls, homeschooling Lexi and my niece while chasing around two 2 year olds is not an easy task. Many days I do not get to sit down to have any form of "me" time until 9 or 9:30, and I'm so tired by then my husband and I don't get much time together.  So we decided this would be the best gift!

We're not exactly sure where to go, we're looking for somewhere not too far away, and cheap! My only requirements is a clean, comfortable room and no cooking, cleaning or chasing kids!!