Some dailies

I realized today that things have really calmed down in this house since we started doing school. I think it's because we've got a little bit of a schedule or routine going on and the kids know what to expect. In the mornings we play, have a snack and I start a subject or two with Gab, then somewhere between 10 and 11 the two little ones go down for a nap and I get Gab going with math and do school with Lexi. The little ones normally wake up before we're completely done with school, but we eat lunch, finish school, clean up a bit then head outside (weather permitting). We normally stay outside for a few hours, then come in and we'll sometimes do crafts, sometimes play on the computer or just play, i leave the back door to the porch open so they are often out there playing.

There have been a lot less temper tantrums, fights and fit throwing. It's made the days more pleasant and the dark circles under eyes a lot lighter. :) Since then I've started buckling down on some major discipline issues I've had with the two two year olds (and Lexi too some) and that is rudeness! Screaming no, or grunting, or for Lexi- being bossy. Being "mean and nasty" to each other or me gets an immediate hand slap as well as a talking to. I know they are two so it's not going to go completely away, but I've been stressing that we need to love each other, and use our words to tell each other that we're upset instead of screaming and whining. I'm hoping it works! (and yes, I scream sometimes too, i'm working on it. In fact just last night I screamed over something very stupid. I made pizza, most of it was plain cheese, but i put some spinach and mushrooms on a few pieces for me. Some spinach happened to land on some of the plan cheese and both girls threw a fit when I tried to get them to eat it. Their eating habits are something that sets me off at the drop of a hat... let's just say I apologized.)