Gruene Steam Mop Review

About a month ago I received a Gruene Steam mop and steam cleaner, I immediately opened it up, put it together and tested it out. It took just a few minutes to assemble and get ready. I was impressed with the wide verity of things it could clean, fabric, spots on carpets, tile, linoleum, hardwood, grills, counters, sinks, toilets, windows, mirrors, just about everything. It was very easy to switch from one surface to another just by switching attachments.

It uses only water to clean, and you can use about any towel or cloth for the pads to clean the floor, which means you can just wash and rewash. The product is completely green, no chemicals, no trash, and it only uses a little bit of water. I filled the tank and did all my floors, the tub, sink and mirror and it only used half the water in the tank. It left my floors clean and shiny, and ready to let the kids lay on!

The thing that made me the happiest was when I used it to scrub the spots in our rug. Again it took no chemicals, just some water. I used it as a handheld cleaner- most steam cleaners don't give you the option to switch from a floor cleaner to a handheld. I have a two year old, a four year old and a 4 week old. My two year old LOVES yogurt, but doesn't always get the spoon in her mouth, my four year old likes poptarts, but also likes to drop pieces on the floor which get stepped on and mushed into the carpet. The cleaner took ALL the spots right out of the rug, in just a few minutes.

My overall impression of the cleaner is that I absolutely love it and I love it more every time I use it!