Home sweet Home

Our Christmas was very busy, but wonderfully awesome.  We spent a few days with my sister and her husband, then went to my aunts house on Christmas day where we saw about half of my family, then went to my other sister's house for the night and morning to hang out with them and get a little extra time with her family.  We then drove home Sunday afternoon, and Monday started the daily routines! Back into school  for Lexi and I and work for my husband. 

Monday was also my first day of my "diet". Last January I started a diet and exercised regularly and I lost 35-40lbs before I got pregnant and gained that and then some. I still have one more week until my doctor appointment where they will hopefully clear me to start running and exercising, until then I decided to at least start controlling my horrible eating habits.  I have about 25lbs to lose to get to where I was prebaby, and I'm hoping to lose about 30-35 total we will see.

I was upset with how little we were able to get the girls, but by the end of Christmas they had way more than I expected them to have!  They got a few things from my siblings and we ended up finding an awesome deal on some Dora baseball gloves so they got those too. They were more than excited to get what they got, and i think we picked just the right things.

I was VERY happy with my gift- getting to go up there! There was no room in the budget or reason for my husband to buy me anything I was perfectly content with just getting to see my family. For the first time since we've got married my husband and I were more than happy to not get gifts! He did sneak behind my back and got me The Biggest Loser game for the wii- the stinker.

Well, I need to get cleaning off my desk, maybe I'll find the scanner software, yes both mine and my husband's desks are covered with clutter again. We're so bad about that.