A job!

As of November 10th, it had been two years since my husband was laid off from his job.  A lot has happened in those two years in our family life and in my husband's "career" life. Once he was laid off he tried to find work with another Architecture firm, but was unsuccessful and decided that as long as he was not working he would try to broaden his experience. He started playing around with web design and graphic design. Slowly over the past two years he has grown and figured out a ton (he's good like that, anything he sets his mind to do he can do in very little time, especially if it comes to music or computers). For the whole two years he continued to look for work, while working from home and doing little contract jobs here and there. Unemployment filled in the gaps that his contract work left. In the end of this November we realized his unemployment was gone and his work at home had slowed to almost nothing and he started searching for a job in areas he didn't really want to go. He filled out tons of applications for everything shy of an engineering job. He finally got a job for a company he was excited to work for, although the position was a very low paying entry level job that he didn't really care for he felt like he'd be able to move up quickly. And he was right. After working about 7 days for the company, the owner informed him that he was going to have an interview with the web department. The interview went well and right now we are waiting for the written offer! I'm so excited that not only does he have a job, but that he was able to get into the department he wanted. God is so amazing. I have to admit, when he took the job I was very upset and spent a lot of time crying and yes, asking God what His plans were. There was no way we could survive on what he'd be making especially since the place he works for is about 45 minutes away, up a big mountain which just drains our gas.

God always proves to me that He's faithful and takes care of us, as long as we seek first HIS kingdom He'll take care of the rest. He's even managed to keep Eugene working overtime constantly (seriously, in the past two weeks he's been home on time twice) but it's been the extra we need to help pay the bills!

I wish I could say that I'll never question God again, but unfortunately I am like the Israelites who constantly forget what God has done for them. Lord, please help me remember!!