Mt. Boxmore

I've managed to pack up just about everything that can be packed up. I have a mountain of boxes, which I've named Mt Boxmore, in the toy room. Electric is on at our new place, scheduled to be turned off here next Monday, Water is taken care off, trash is taken care of, Internet is taken care of. Change of address has been submitted, address has been changed on most bills.... I think we might be ready by Saturday morning.

Tomorrow night I will go up to the apartment to clean it, Saturday after this place is empty I will clean here too... lots of cleaning.

I am shocked things have gone so smoothly with everything, our new landlord seems to be really laid back, and our landlord from here that is being surprisingly easy too, he's returning our deposit even though we're moving out a month  before our year is up. I'm not going to complain though, we need the money to give to our new landlord. 

I am hoping and praying that we like this place and will stay there for awhile... it's only 2 bedroom so I don't know how long we'll fit, but I am SO sick of moving. Normally I like it, I enjoy change, and I get sick of the same furniture placing so moving is fun to me... but this time I am SICK of packing and moving. I want to just pay off our debt, get a down payment saved and move into a house. stick a barcode on the house of my dreams, get out your POS systems and scan it... I'm ready to be done with this packing stuff already!!