Snow days!

I love snow, I love it more in the north where they know how to plow roads, and people have sleds and snow is just a way of life. Down here in the "good old south" they don't know what to do with snow, we get a few inches and everything is shut down for days.

We got about 3 inches yesterday and it managed to stick around through today too! I took the girls outside to play for a while, we had fun making snow angels and throwing "snow balls". We even turned it into a bit of a science lesson, when we first went into the yard there were bunny tracks and dog tracks across the fresh snow. It was fun to talk about the different tracks and follow them, Lexi even used her imagination to tell a story about what the rabbit did. It was cute.

Today in school we learned about volcanoes, we even made one. Lexi was so amused she got all excited and insisted we show daddy as soon as he got home. I love when she gets excited about school. I try to keep it exciting, but not everything gets her attention. I don't think she'd show any interest in learning about a horse tack, although horses might keep her entertained for a little while.

She's been doing way better in school than she used to be. She's really starting to like the reading now, it impresses me how much she can read already, and I love to see her try to read things too.  This chapter in Math has been a challenge, for some reason she was getting really confused about calenders! When she gets confused, or doesn't understand she tries to just be silly, which always makes me upset so we both end up frustrated and yelling. Not a good combo. I've been trying to let her be a little silly, but also get her to realize that if she doesn't understand something she just needs to tell me that instead of crying or getting silly. 

We've considered putting her in public school next year, I can't find any good Christian schools around and she really wants to go to school. I don't think it would hurt for a few years, she is a social butterfly and I think the interaction would be good for her. If we could find a good home school group, or some other social setting it might help her be content being home schooled. I'm not sure what grade we'd put her in, she's doing kindergarten this year, so if we put her in school next year she'd already know everything for Kindergarten, but maturity wise she'd be so far behind for first grade I think.  These are all just thoughts, who knows, maybe we will find a good group to get her involved in without her going to school.