Moving up!

My husband started a new job right before Christmas. He's already moved up from technician to a position in the web department!! I'm not sure what all he'll be doing but I know it involves graphic design, maybe some document imaging, and web design. He's so happy to be doing something he likes, it will give him more experience and hopefully there is a lot of room for growth in this new company, he learns fast and works fast.

The title has two meanings, one was what I just said about my husband, the other is about actual moving. His job is "up the mountain" as locals say. It's about a 40 minute drive, and there is a big mountain he has to drive up and down every day, which really sucks the gas out of our car! So we're looking for a place to move to up there, it will be nice to be close to his work and also find a new place. I absolutely LOVE moving and LOVE change.  The hardest part is finding a place. I know it will show it's face soon enough.