Saturday I looked at an apartment my husband looked at during the week. It's about 2 minutes from his work. I was a little unsure, because since the electric was off the owner was unable to do the little things around the apartment that needed done, like paint, and fix up a few things. So to me it looked a little sketchy. It met all our needs though, so I spent the day asking myself if I would like it if it was freshly painted and the few things were fixed. The Landlord seemed really cool, he's going to let us (and even help us) hook up the washer to sink, and install an outlet for us to hook up the dryer. He's also going to let us paint and whatever we put into the apartment he's going to take off our rent.

So Sunday we decided we'd take the place. the catch? we wanted to move out before having to pay our current landlord rent. which means moving THIS saturday. Ok, not a big deal... I can pack the whole house in 5 days.

Monday I woke up sick. I went to the bathroom about 900 times throughout the whole day, I didn't eat anything until about 7 when I tried to eat a handful of french fries (the frozen kind not the fast food kind). I could barely move and pretty much only got out of bed or off the couch to get the girls something (or go to the bathroom).

Ok... packing the whole house in 4 days... doable right?

Tuesday comes. still not feeling great, Josiah had a 2 month appointment at 8:45, which meant bringing Eugene half way to work to meet someone he works with, then going back past the house to the dr's office. Got home about 10:20, dealt with crying whining girls (and a screaming Josiah, who had been fussing since Sunday night, I am guessing he had the stomach bug too).

I finally got some packing done last night, and I managed to get all I could done today (I ran out of boxes). I pretty much just had to ignore my stomach ache. Eugene got more boxes on the way home from work though, which means tonight and tomorrow are full of more packing!

I'm excited to be moving, our livingroom is huge, it makes me want to buy a sectional or theater seating or something big to fill the space. :)  we are going down to two bedrooms, but we will have a big dinning room too, so that excites me. We've never lived in a place that had a spot for our table. 

I'm most excited about having more time with Eugene and saving money on rent, gas, and water.