spring nights

Today I went for a run on the greenway down town. It was cold, and my little 3 mile run was hard. Both my knees are swollen and acting up, and somewhere around 3/4ths of a mile I got a side cramp that I could not shake off. I tried everything I knew to try until I got to 1.5 miles and decided to walk for a minute to try to make it go away. It wouldn't, so I started running again.  When I finally got back to my car and was laying on the ground stretching I was thinking back to last spring.

Running was so much easier then. I'd go down there in the evenings, the light was just perfect between the setting sun and the lighting they have along the path. It was warm, the stars lit up the sky while I'd lay there on the freshly cut green grass and stretch. I could have stayed there forever. Running was so different than it is now.

It's important for me to remind myself that I like running, because right now while I'm struggling to run 3 miles and it's freezing cold and my knees hurt.... I don't want to run! But I am. I will run another half marathon. I will run the 5K next month in the 27 minutes that my friend and I want to run it in. I can do it.