Gluten Free update

Caylee has been Gluten Free for a week and a half, so far I notice no difference in anything, other than the fact that she is peeing ALL over the floor ALL the time. but I don’t think that’s related to taking gluten out of her diet.
The only thing she’s been asking for that we haven’t found a GF version of is poptarts and toaster strudels. We found two different brands of GF chicken nuggets, she liked one, the other she wont eat. We’ve given her the GF waffles twice now and she wont eat those either. I had gotten some before that she ate, but for some reason she wont eat these.
It’s been pretty easy, some things we’ve just known to keep out of the house (like Oreos) I’ve yet to make any bread for her, but she hasn’t asked for a sandwich or anything so I guess it’s ok.
I made her GF pizza and she loved it. I was really afraid she’d notice a difference in looks and not try it, but she ate it, infact she ate three pieces. She also had the rice spaghetti and didn’t seem affected by the difference.
Hopefully next Friday I’ll start seeing some improvement in her behavior and maybe, possibly, her eating habits?
I did notice that she hasn’t said her stomach hurts as much, I think I’ve heard her say it once and it was immediately followed by “I’m hungry”, so I don’t know if it was a hunger pang or a hurting pang.