My search for the impossible

My mom is making the girls their Easter dresses like she does every year. Only this year we have a boy too. So she's making him a tie to match their dresses. We never dress up, but for Easter I like to have them look adorable.  So a Tie will be perfect. I figured it would be simple to find a pair of black slacks and white button up shirt. Boy was I wrong.

I've found some long sleeve white button ups, for a reasonable price, but finding a short sleeve one that is less than $20 is as impossible as finding a spa cover for a 40ft triangular spa. I've searched used and new and come up with nothing! I've got two people checking two different consignment sales for me, maybe one of them will find something, if not I've got a wonderful friend who has offered her long sleeve one that her son outgrew.  FEW! at least I know we got the basics covered. But seriously, if you're the maker of baby clothes, take note- Make a plain white short sleeve shirt for babies under 12 months and sell it for cheap. you'll make millions.