practice race

Monday I'm running my first 5K. I'm excited because this is my first race that is about racing, not just about finishing.  Normally I have a time goal in mind, but it's one that is easy to hit. This time it's 3.1 miles, not 13.1 so I know finishing is not going to be a good enough goal.

Tonight some of the running group met to do a practice 5K. I begged my husband to let me use his iphone so I could use runkeeper to track my speed. Only the smart person that I am messed up and accidentally paused it for awhile, so it wasn't accurate. It was paused for about .3 miles, and said it took 19 minutes 33 seconds. I'm thinking I ran it in just under 25 minutes. My goal for Monday was going to be 27 minutes. Now I'm thinking I need to do 25 minutes. I'm not 100% sure what the time really was, so I'd hate to put some crazy goal of 21 minutes in my head only to realize i'm really off in guessing my time for tonight.

I can already tell this 5K time is going to be addicting in my head. I'm going to work and work and work until I get faster and faster and faster. Especially now that I know the 5K route that is right here in town, I can run it every week if I want (only keep better track of my speed). I'm thinking I need a stop watch!