So close

I have hit my pre-baby weight! I am just 4.4lbs away from my "goal". My original goal was my pre-pregnancy weight. Then (before I hit it) I decided that 5 more pounds off would probably be better, however I'm going to have to see what I look like when I hit my new goal. I might still have some fat to lose, but I think at that point it is going to be more about toning and being healthy than losing weight. I'm not the type to buy weight loss pills, even though I know other people who use them. I like to do things the old fashioned way with diet and exercise.

The last 10lbs have been a struggle to lose, seems like i lose 2 and gain 1! I'm hoping that my plateau is over though, since I've been losing again now. It will really make things a lot nicer and easier to keep on going if I continue to see results!!