Birthday Party x2

This year we decided to do a joint birthday party for the girls instead of having to go through the stress twice. Yah, we cheated. But the past two years Caylee has gotten our left over energy since we put so much into Lexi's parties. This year we decided it would make more sense and be more fair to just do it together. (plus the girls thought it was a great idea, and we figured they wouldn't like the idea for too many more years, so we might as well take advantage of it while we could!)

We went back and forth about what to get Lexi for her birthday. It's so hard to buy presents for them, Lexi says she wants everything, then forgets about it and changes her mind daily. One of the things we considered getting her was a mini Ipod or MP3 player. she carried around a sock for two weeks pretending it was her ipod. We didn't go looking for apple store coupons or anything, but we saw a use one in a pawn shop for pretty cheap. We decided she was too little for one though, and skipped that idea.  Caylee is hard to buy for because she has had two loves for the past two years of her life... animals (mostly puppies) and baby dolls.  but if you saw her room and the toy room you would know that she doesn't need any more of either.  She's also not the type to play with much of anything. We wandered around the toy sections and clothe sections of 2 stores and had a really hard time. I could have gone crazy for Lexi, mostly because she's in a Hello Kitty phase and Hello Kitty is really popular. Plus, as I said, she really does like a lot.

I'm excited for their party tomorrow because there are so many people who are going to be here, this will probably be the biggest party either of them have had. (Another reason I'm glad we're only doing this once!) It's now 2am, and I am still awake. I have two cakes to make tomorrow (well, to decorate) and a house to clean. Maybe I should go to bed.... good night!