Change of plans

We've spent a ton of money trying to get the van fixed so we could go on our vacation this week. we were suppose to be leaving tomorrow afternoon to head to Virginia Beach for a wonderful camping trip. We only go camping twice a year, and this year we only got 1 trip in. and 0 trips to the beach. it makes me so sad, but there wasn't much we could do. My sister and her husband are coming down here to visit instead, so at least we'll get to visit with them! We're taking some time to go have some fun so I'm so excited to just have a relaxing, fun weekend! 

We'll get to spend some time at the Labor day flea market that consumes the whole town next to ours this weekend. hopefully we'll find some good bargains!  Lexi and Josiah need some clothes, and i have a small wish list for the house. you never know what you'll find at yard sales, especially in a town like ours, who knows, we might find some custom pins, or valuable antiques sold by someone who doesn't know what they have!

We're also going to paint the girls bedroom. that will be fun, the girls are excited to have a pink and purple room, and anything is more fun when you do it with your sister!!