some sweet talk

Through my life there are a few of my loves that I haven't outgrown. One is my love for sour patch kids, I don't remember a time when that wasn't my favorite candy.   Another thing that I absolutely love is York Peppermint patties. I have no clue when the first time i tasted one was, but i am completely addicted to them.  Right now I feel like I should just buy a York factory, if I could eat only them right now I would. In fact, I'd rather have those than some fancy jewelry like michael kors watches or pearls! I don't know what it is about them that has me wanting them so much right now.  I definitely would choose a york over sour patch kids right now.  So far I haven't passed my love for them on to any of my kids yet, they both will eat them, but they'd rather have something else if they  had the choice. Oh well, there is plenty of time for me to rub off on them. :)