Spoiled Americans

I like to watch HGTV the rare moments when the kids let me watch what I want.  I've been realizing more and more just how spoiled young American's are. These people buying the houses are between 22-32 probably, and have wish lists a mile long. Things they "need" in their house. things that make it "liveable" I wish these people would have to go to a 3rd world country for a week before deciding what is necessity. Maybe they will be ok with a little bit of a dated bathroom sink, or the fact that the appliances don't match. Oh, and don't forget the walls aren't the exact color they want, and the floors, although they are in great condition aren't the right kind of tile so they will need to be ripped up. Why is it so hard to change a few things as time goes on? work on the important things, like a swimming pool safety fence and worry about changing the counter tops until you have the money saved up.  It's ridiculous.  I guess I have lower requirements, I haven't been spoiled by mommy and daddy my whole life, things weren't just handed to me, I don't think you should go into debt so you can have everything you want the second you want it. I'm just not ok with that. Seriously people, just having a house with running water, heat and appliances is more than most people in the world. Get over yourself.