Following your dreams

When I first met my best friend, Beth, in college I had a dream that we lived next to each other and we were ice skating on our driveways.  Since our freshmen year of college we haven't been together, aside from a visit or two. It's quite sad to me, but we've managed to stay connected with skype, IM, facebook, texting, emails, blogs... you know all the ways technology makes life easier.  We skype with each other almost daily, it's just like stopping by and saying hi.

At some point over the summer/fall her and her family will be moving even further away. To California to be exact. I don't think you can get further away. It makes me sad, even though I know we don't really see each other all that often with her in Indiana. It kinda makes me want to become a doctor and follow her. Just so we can have houses next to each other like in my dream (i don't think ice skating in our driveways in California would be possible though). I say I would be come a doctor because we probably can't afford CA unless we're doing something high paying. and I'd have to get some amazing insurance because it's probably full of people wanting to sue doctors.  ok, maybe not. But I'd love to be able to be closer to her!  I guess until we can go visit we'll just keep skyping and texting and pretending we live next to each other.

Missing packages

Since we've moved we've had several missing packages. Also, people have a hard time finding our house unless they are familiar with the area.  Then we noticed there is no house numbers plaque or numbers in general! Also it's hard to read the numbers on the mailbox because there is another mailbox right next to it which blocks it.

It will be a fun way to "spruce" up the outside of the house.  and hopefully eliminate some lost packages!

Time for a Change

no, this has nothing to do with Obama.
It has everything to do with eating. Mainly the way my children eat. The way I let them eat.
It all started when Caylee was about 18 months old or so. maybe earlier. She is really picky and instead of making her eat what we were eating, i would make her what i knew she’d eat. Lexi caught on and stopped trying everything we put on her plate, because we never made Caylee try anything.
Caylee takes stubborn to a whole new level. We tried the “this is what we have, eat it or go to bed hungry.” i can’t tell you how many nights she went to bed hungry, which resulted in her waking up screaming every hour through the whole night. for multiple nights in a row. So we went back to giving her what she’ll eat.
Now we have three kids, with three levels of pickiness. There’s Lexi, who will eat a lot, and will try ALMOST anything. Although she is stubborn on some things, which I believe she doesn’t really like. or she forgets she likes. We normally make her try a bite of everything i cook.
There’s Josiah, who is still young and will eat what we put in front of him, although he doesn’t seem to like spinach.
And Caylee, who will eat about a handful of things. and some of those things she wont eat every time they are put in front of her.
Every once and awhile i get overtaken with guilt. it’s normally the days when I realize they have had chicken nuggets and french fries a few days in a row, or a few meals in a row. Or I realize Caylee has had nothing but junk for a week straight. Today was one of those days. And once again we’re going to try to put our foot down.
Only this time we are going to take a different approach. Supper time is going to be one meal (some nights i make 3 variations of dinner). I will make sure there is at least one item that Caylee eats at each meal. Eugene is not a fan of making them going to bed hungry, so in order to eliminate a special meal or not eating all together, this is the way we will have to go.
What I am not sure about is lunch. Lunches are our easy meals, normally sandwiches, nuggets, fries, hot dogs. nothing healthy really. at least not what Caylee eats. I’m not sure what we’ll do there. I’d appreciate any and all ideas on picky eaters or lunch ideas. She is gluten free, or is supposed to be.
So here we go. a week detox. no nuggets. no fries. no hotdogs. we’ll see what happens.