Like most women I dream about matching furniture and having a house that looks put together and nice. I hope to one day have some furniture that is new, not just new to us. Maybe even some good furniture, maybe not Horchow, but better than Big lots.  With Hosanna being due soon I've been thinking about maybe finally getting a nice chair, a rocking recliner. Something big and comfy, but still useable. we had an old wooden rocking chair when we had Lexi, but i didn't use it much, with each child I wish more and more that I had a nice comfy spot to sit while I nurse the baby, or work on putting them to sleep. 

I've also been thinking about a love seat, or just more seating in our living room. All we have is a normal size couch, which our family is outgrowing, and when company comes it leaves no room for anyone to sit.  Also, after a few weeks of being sick I've realized sometimes more than just one of us want to lay on the couch, which isn't possible. It's not even possible for one of us to lay on the couch if the kids want to sit on it!

Hopefully one day I'll be able to stop dreaming and just start enjoying. :)

HDM what?

So my husband is an electronics geek as you already know. I have to be honest, I don't see much difference from one gadget to the next. I'm sure it shames him to hear me say "hun, I just don't care how many watts the sub woofer puts out" i don't even know if sub woofers put out watts, so yah... 

I am also not a gamer, We had an xbox way back before the Wii came out and i was upset with the games, they were all either war games, driving games, sports games or music games. So when Nintendo came out with the Wii i got excited because I enjoy Mario, I also enjoy family games. The Xbox had no family appropriate games at the time. Fast forward 4ish years and The xbox comes out with Kinect and suddenly has family games. Which just made my husband beg even more for an xbox.  He somehow ended up with one with this tax return, i'm not sure how, he brought it home one day and that was it. I really don't see the point, but that's me. One thing he just keeps talking about, and has been since we got our tv 4 years ago was HDMI. I really don't know what it means or what it does other than he keeps saying you can put an HDMI in here or connect it via HDMI.  honestly... I don't get it, but I'm sure he says the same thing about me and all my rants about running and running shoes...

Sensative little ears

Lexi got her ears pierced when she was about 4.5, it was a deal we made with her after she got an ear infection, we bribed her into taking her medicine every day by telling her she'd get to get her ears pierced if she did. She had been wanting them pierced for a year by that point.  It worked, she took her antibiotic with no problems every day for the full 10 days. She fights with us about taking medicine so it was nice to not have that issue!

I don't think she realized it was going to hurt as bad as it did, we tried to explain it to her but she didn't get it. She cried and cried when she got them done. But her reward was the nice Hello Kitty earrings that her ears were pierced with. They were special piercing earrings but apparently they weren't as good as most because her ears would not heal.  We found a few pairs of supposedly sensitive earrings at a place where there was a bunch of jewelry online cheap, but those hurt her ears too.  Finally at Christmas we got her a pair of earrings from a local jewelry shop that is owned by one of my running partners. These earrings are not bothering her ears that I can tell. Every once and awhile she still gets some gunk from them, but nothing compared to the ickiness that would form with her other earrings. I have a feeling she's one of those girls that is just going to have to wear solid gold or silver! Her poor husband better have lots of money. :)