Like most women I dream about matching furniture and having a house that looks put together and nice. I hope to one day have some furniture that is new, not just new to us. Maybe even some good furniture, maybe not Horchow, but better than Big lots.  With Hosanna being due soon I've been thinking about maybe finally getting a nice chair, a rocking recliner. Something big and comfy, but still useable. we had an old wooden rocking chair when we had Lexi, but i didn't use it much, with each child I wish more and more that I had a nice comfy spot to sit while I nurse the baby, or work on putting them to sleep. 

I've also been thinking about a love seat, or just more seating in our living room. All we have is a normal size couch, which our family is outgrowing, and when company comes it leaves no room for anyone to sit.  Also, after a few weeks of being sick I've realized sometimes more than just one of us want to lay on the couch, which isn't possible. It's not even possible for one of us to lay on the couch if the kids want to sit on it!

Hopefully one day I'll be able to stop dreaming and just start enjoying. :)