End of 1st grade

Well, this week we finished first grade with Lexi. I am still stunned that my little girl is getting so big.  She's done great with everything so far, even the days she does throw fits. I can't imagine having sent her off to public school and not having her here with me during the days. She's a big help with Josiah and Caylee too. I'm sure she'll be the perfect little mama's helper when Hosanna comes.  She's got a very mothering nature about her.

So in the fall Lexi will start 2nd Grade, Caylee will start some form of kindergarten, or a k4 program of some sort, Josiah will have to learn to sit still and be entertained somehow at the table, and Hosanna... well, I'm sure she'll be content hanging out in the sling or bouncy seat while I teach the girls. At least I hope she will be.

We've decided not to do the home school coop next year, although we all enjoyed it and the girls learned so much, I'm not ready to tackle teaching two girls, having a newborn, a 20 month old and the responsibility of the coop. I think we'll do good if we all are fed and washed. :)  Also, I don't want another winter full of sickness like this year, we were just way too sick in the past 4 or 5 months. I can't take the chances of getting another bad winter with a newborn.