One rooming it

For the next 8-11 weeks we are going to be living at the Ronald McDonald house while Hosanna gets the care she needs in the NICU. I am very grateful for this place, we wouldn't be able to  survive without it.  They were kind enough to allow my mom and step dad to stay here in our room for a few nights as well.  They have food available for breakfasts and lunches, and different organizations/ministries provide dinner every night. It's a HUGE blessing.  There is a play room downstairs for the kids, a little library and even a small playground out side. 

Our room is like a hotel, it has two queen beds and a couch that pulls out. We even have a little tv with cable! and our own bathroom of course.  The only thing we're trying to get adjusted to is having all of us in one room.  Eugene has been trying to work on some flyers and stuff he has to get done (he brought his desktop computer up here) but little fingers keep finding the wrong buttons to push...  We need a monitor mount up on the wall and a locked box for the tower I think.  Bed time is also going to take some getting used to,  Josiah likes to wake everyone up as soon as he wakes up, and getting to sleep can be a bit of a challenge too. These are just minor adjustments we have to figure out because there is no way we're going home without Hosanna.