Get away

There are days I am just so overwhelmed all I can think about is wanting to run away.  Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by my dirty house, sometimes the kids are crazy, sometimes it's just life. 

Sometimes you wake up , or as the day goes on you realize you want nothing more than to find  obx foreclosures and move to the Outer Banks.  The problem i've found with running away is that the stress just follows you. Well, the messy house might not, but if you moved, you'd just be packing up the mess and taking it with you he he. 

This weekend is mixed for me, My three older kids are up camping with my family while my husband and I are here, 2 hours away from home and 5 hours away from the kids, trying to adjust to living in the Ronald McDonald house as well as spending as much time as we can with Hosanna. It's hard though, because the kids have only been gone since 9am and i miss them like crazy!!  I'm sure they are having fun, and hopefully we actually take some time this weekend to try to get some rest when we can.